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About Shelby Forest Baptist Church

Our Church History

At Shelby Forest Baptist Church, we have a rich history of serving God and our community. Our church was founded on a gospel-centered mission to spread the love and teachings of Jesus Christ to all who will hear. We have grown over the years, but our commitment to sharing the Word of God remains steadfast.

What We Believe

We believe that the Bible is the true infalible Word of God, and that it provides the foundation for our lives. We believe that everyone needs salvation due to sin (Romans 3:23), the consequences of which is death(Romans 6:23).  Salvation is provided by Jesus (John 3:16) and that we must accept salvation with true repentance and faith (Acts 20:20-21, Ephesians 2:8).  And that through confession (Matthew 10:32), Baptism (Matthew 28:19), and Church membership (Acts 2:41), we can live fulfiling  lives of love,  faithfulness, and purpose.

Our Vision

At Shelby Forest Baptist Church, our vision is to be a gospel-centered church where God's word is preached, taught, and lived out by all members.  Our desire is to serve God with all our hearts and souls, according to scripture.

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